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Manish Mittal, Managing Director – Kaleshwari Power Products Pvt. Ltd


Manish Mittal, is a dynamic entrepreneur whose positivity, hard work, discipline and ‘never give up attitude’ has bestowed him with boundless recognition. He is the Managing Director of Kaleshwari Power Products Pvt. Ltd, Agra, the Director of MNV Promoter Pvt. Ltd and Partner of RAS Generatorwala LLP. “Kaleshwari Power Products” is a leading designer & manufacturer and supplier of Generating sets, His successful career hides numerous nuances of untiring efforts and assiduous endeavors for several years; it was a gradual process, not a moment of epiphany. He started his business journey in the year 1989, by operating a small ‘rattles shop’. He further recalls, “It was a very pleasing experience to me, commencing a company for manufacturing, supply, Installation, AMC, etc of generating sets”. He envisioned big dreams and fulfilled his goals admirably.


Recalling his period of struggles, Manish recalls, “These were the circumstances which made me start up my business”. As he went on, notions began to change and he learnt new aspects of business. His continuous hard work and dedication didn’t let any challenges halt his remarkable entrepreneurial journey; as he viewed the challenges as opportunities, which encouraged him even more to stick to his desires and continue his business. 


He owes a gratitude to his family, who inspired him during every thick and thin, and acknowledges his team which has supported him the most in accomplishing business operations. He had an intense share of struggle for being a new entrant in the market. Embarking his rough period, he shares, “It is very difficult to establish trust on new players”. He further shares, “There were people who discouraged me every now and then but it was my firm belief in myself that kept me going, and eventually helped me in overcoming all the struggles and reach here…” 


There were several entrant barriers while he was putting forward gross efforts in penetrating the market. His research about different strategies and SWOT analysis (Strength, Weakness, Threats and Opportunities), a globally accepted business model, helped him discover his place in the industry. He, with the help of his team, regularly studies the market trends, keeps an eye on the competitors and follows the benchmarks, to innovatively offer their services to clients and build an exceptional credibility for “Kaleshwari Power Products” in the market.


At a glance

  • Manish Mittal, the versatile Entrepreneur, with 29 years in the profession, has been blessed with the competencies to transform vision into reality, and challenges into opportunities.



  • Appreciation from DOT, for providing the best services during the floods in Gujarat, in the year 2000.
  • Appreciation from BSNL to operate network in pan India, from Escorts Limited for securing 1st position.

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