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Mr. Varun Sachdev- Owner, Warden Security Systems


Varun Sachdev, the CEO of ‘Warden Security Systems’ has escalated the growth of company from a start-up to a leader in the access control systems & entrance automation industry. The diligent entrepreneur has spearheaded several strategic partnerships and played a crucial role in the company’s product development roadmap. Varun renders the responsibilities of overseeing business development & marketing activities, building partnerships, government outreach & providing senior leadership on business, and policy issues. He envisions developing an insightful and technology-driven business matrix that foresees success as a process and their esteemed clients as their partners in growth.

No customer is too small for us .We have a product or a solution for everyone. We have been constantly adding new products with the latest available technology to enhance our product portfolio,” says Varun.

While working overseas in 2002, Varun stumbled upon biometric fingerprint & RFID/ smart card related inventions that made him envision a tremendous opportunity in India, and soon after returning to India, he commenced the task of building the products based on these technologies, which eventually brought Warden Security Systems’ to existence, in 2005.

Crediting his undying self motivation and inner inspiration, he admits that he has always been aspiring to fulfill his dreams. “Though the start was rough as the thought of whether I am doing the right thing or not, used to tickle my mind at times, but I convinced myself that risks are inevitable and it’s definitely a struggle to set up my office, finding the right people and manage finances; but I am fully armed to actualize my dreams” he recalls.

Rolling out his products in the Indian market had been a struggle for him as there was least awareness of new biometrics & RFID technology, which thereby tried to hold him back. “Also, reaching out to potential customers and convincing them of the potential this fingerprint Technology held, was one of the biggest challenges I faced”, says Varun.

My dream of bringing an unknown technology to our country was arduous but deep inside I knew the fact that the fast growing economy like ours definitely needs it. “I never gave up even once, and took every step slowly but strongly to bring ‘Warden Security Systems’ to these heights while constantly preparing my organization for the future”, he adds.

As every customer in India has a specific need for securing and organizing their resources & premises, we witness the potential to cater to the needs of this market with our products. We make tailor-made and proprietary solutions for each of our customers”, he iterates.

The tough task master- Varun, who refuses to settle for anything less than the best when it comes to his organization, believes in identifying the true potential to succeed remarkably.


During his 15 years of flourishing career, Varun and his venture ‘Warden Security Systems’  has bagged two major recognitions:

  • SEBI, India – 2019
  • IBS, India – 2019


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