The Self-Made Businessman

 Irshad Khan- Owner, Manzil Naukri Alerts(OPC) Pvt. Ltd.

Irshad Khan, a dedicated individual, who credits his love for reading for strengthening his versatile set of skills. He stepped into his entrepreneurship withManzil Naukri Alerts”, which has gained its popularity during the 4 successful years since its inception. An extremely passionate person, who had been employed for a few years till the moment he decided to chase his dreams. 

The realization that he is only building other’s dreams bounced him back intensely and he initiated his commendable journey of a self-made man. His transparent approach to life and immense belief in his instincts were the building blocks of his success. Irshad, shares his secret recipe of success – “Thinking outside the box and reading between the lines”. He also describes his instances of daydreaming as stepping stones to a fully bloomed dream of being a renowned entrepreneur. ‘Manzil Naukri Alerts’ earned its credibility by giving best solutions to clients for their job requirements.

Irshad Khan shares that the inspiration for building his extensive career comes from his parents who taught him to handle tough situations in life, as time keeps on changing. He shares, “I am also inspired by my own life because success and failure are two sides of the same coin”. Giving an insight of the challenges in his life, the Self-made Man shares that challenge is not the toughest game of life, but the way one chooses to go about a challenge, is what matters in reality. He believes, “If you are capable of taking the right decision, a challenge may get transformed into a life-time opportunity”.

He finally gave mission to his dreams with the idea of establishing ‘Manzil Naukri Alerts’, but financial troubles popped up; which he somehow managed by investing all his savings in this new venture. He recalls this riskiest time of his life, when all his mates laughed at his decision and said, “Pagal Hai kya…!!”. “And, my success today… is the answer to them”, avers the passionate entrepreneur.

He reflects his thoughts about the challenges and failure,” I am not afraid of failure, in fact, I think it is an essential part of the experiment that takes you to success”.


    • Irshad Khan confesses his love for reading as the building block of his knowledge base.
    • His secret recipe of success incorporates, ‘thinking outside the box’ and ‘reading between the lines’.
  • He looks at the challenges as opportunities to succeed in life and reflects, “Success and failure are two sides of the same coin”.
  • “I have a special interest in social work for the ages,” shares Irshad.


He has been recognized for his venture ‘Manzil Naukri Alerts’ by India Business Awards 2019.

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