This serial Edupreneur is on a mission to bridge the gap in today’s education system and a student’s career prospect

Vikas Bharati – Founder, VB Group of Companies

Vikas hails from Bangalore and was brought up by a strict defence services family. He got his initial schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya and resided at a military school hostel. And then for higher education, he enrolled for technical education as a CS Engineering graduate from VTU. He has been a person who takes firm decisions rather than putting more effort into working on the plan of action to address any situation along with high risk-taking capabilities. Right from the initial days of his childhood, the spirit of leadership always invoked an innovator and problem solver that later churned him into a successful entrepreneur in the days ahead.

He started his venture PlanEdu in 2008 and was quick to expand it through offices in West Bengal and finally into a full-fledged corporate office in his hometown, Bengaluru in 2015. He has been continuously striving to find every possible opportunity of growing the VB Group of Companies, an umbrella of PlanEdu Consultants, leading career information portals like FutureMedico, MBA4Me, and Tedroox Technologies, a complete IT solution firm.

Today Vikas is a renowned career counsellor and motivational speaker with an innovative mind-set, but he also carries the calibre to introduce positive change in the education industry. The inception of PlanEdu was meant with a vision to address the long-term goals such as empowering the Indian education system in every possible way, empowering quality employment by sound guidance to young minds, creating growth opportunities for tier-II and tier-III colleges to compete for “A” grade institutions in course delivery. PlanEdu solves the basic gaps of the Indian education system ensuring that quality education reaches the deserving aspirants around the country. On one hand, PlanEdu provides excellent education consultation and career guidance, it also brings some of the aided services for quality institutions with quantitative numbers of course admissions with low marketing costs through a sustainable admission consulting structure designed in-house. The structure is aimed to provide an extensive ROI to university/college brand-building efforts.

By 2019, with PlanEdu Consultants & Learning Solution reaching its heights along with Tedroox Technologies and toddling ventures as FutureMedico & MBA4Me, Vikas was well established, stepping forward to become a proud Angel investor and a Startup mentor. In 2021, PlanEdu has been a leading career consultant and admission guidance service provider for colleges in Karnataka and popular education destinations in India. PlanEdu’s USP is prominent through the quality of service offered. The proud factor is their strong, well-trained, and dynamic team comprising of expert education counsellors with the deepest networks within the education industry and a full-fledged marketing team.

Vikas has always idolized Late Dhirubhai Ambani, who was a 1st generation businessman and struggled his way to become numer uno, and that too without even attending any popular B-Schools like Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, or IIM. Today Reliance hires professionals graduating from the top global universities, who can solve all possible problems under crisis during his era. He is an inspirational leader, a risk-taker who kept inspiring the young entrepreneurial brains.  And like any entrepreneur, Vikas too faced hindrances in those initial days. Lack of proper industry knowledge, ambiguous vision, stable financial conditions, and managing & building a team were some of the functions which was a major set-back which he gradually overcame.

Like any successful businessman, Vikas was a risk-taker and has ability to think out-of-the-box. According to him,

“The catalyst to this is my capability of foreseeing the future in the education industry. With brilliant communication skills and ample amount of self-confidence, over the years I have built PlanEdu. I’ve learned that anything is possible in this world when we have a clear vision, the right passion, the capability to manage a team, and definitely being an optimist.”

Among the most notable things he learned and would like to advise to all young entrepreneurs is to keep a deeper focus on strengthening their goals and ambitions in life. It is a wealthy thing to believe in practical decision-making rather than just planning and planning. And obviously, fund management is the backbone of any kind of business, so budding entrepreneurs must have their financial management skills.

The series of achievements bagged the founder of PlanEdu several worthy recognition on a global stage for his excellent contribution towards modernizing education. He was honoured with the “Global 50 Glory Awards” by HBW News, with Elon Musk, Avika Gor, Jeff Bezos, Barack Obama, Priyanka Chopra, and other prominent figures in their areas. He has also received the “Education Excellence Awards 2021” for the best education counsellor. Vikas was also featured in many leading platforms like FoxInterviewer, Daily Hunt, Google News, and more.

However, in midst of all name and fame, Vikas has ensured his priority towards delivering more and more value to a student’s life and therefore playing a pivotal role in the nation’s education system. The mind of this inquisitive learner and the vivacious personality always looks for further adventures, continued endowment towards the Indian education system, and ensure future careers – someone on which the students can rely on.

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