Stung by the entrepreneurial bug since his college days, he went on to create a well-known food delivery service provider

Suresh Balusu – CEO, Tizola Food Delivery, Telangana

In February 2021, just when the entire world was struggling to stay afloat in midst of pandemic mess, Tizola Food Delivery took its shape slowly and steadily in the local neighbourhood of Telangana. Its founder, Suresh Balusu, hails from a middle class family and always dreamt of having something of his own. And finally at the age of 30, when most of the professionals undergo mid-career crisis, he founded Tizola with a capital investment of 15 lakh. Today, within one year, Tizola has spread its wings across parts of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana with an annual turnover of 32 lakh.

Even though Suresh wanted to be an entrepreneur since his college days, his family situation wasn’t conducive. As a result, he had to work hard and gain experience. For almost 9 years, he worked across several sectors like NGO, Media, and Banking. Today his venture, Tizola has 8000+ downloads, and have delivered 13000+ orders to their valuable customers within few months of inception. It is spreading fast and has been introduced to few tier 2 cities for the first time. Customers are ecstatic, as they can order their favourite food items from their favourite restaurants without any hassle.

Suresh is very excited about his venture and equally hopeful on its future prospect. He says,

“We are working to establish a social impact by creating employment for both unemployed male and female who are willing to be self-employed. Our main motive is to provide service to small restaurants that can expand their business online without any cost. Currently we have limited people only, we also plan to expand our services pan India.”

Creating something of your own isn’t that easy. Every step is risky and there’s huge chance of failure. Suresh gives credit to one of his friend who stood by him and encouraged him on every step he advanced in his venture. His friend has been a guide and motivator in his entrepreneurial journey. As a result he gives full credit to her. However, Ramoji Rao Garu,  the founder of the ‘Ramoji Groups’, has always been Suresh’s inspiration, along with Tippineni Ramadasappa Naidu, Founder Chairman of ‘Mudhra Co-Operative Agri Society’ from whom he has learned a lot while working in their organizations.

Every successful story has its own share of struggles and Tizola wasn’t different. Suresh recalls,

“Just when I started the restaurant, few days later lockdown was announced, leaving us all devastated. We faced a lot of struggles as you the entire country came to a standstill. But then the brighter side was that it helped me to do some ground work for the Tizola. I faced some financial problems, to get a real time experience we started home delivery form my restaurant.”

With increase in smartphone penetration and high usage volume, Tizola’s business prospect is brighter. People these days are comfortable ordering almost every item online through their smartphones. They also love the convenience of ordering food from outside and having it at the comfort of their home. This is where Tizola scores among prospect customers.

To the budding entrepreneurs, Suresh has some practical piece of advice. He feels that there’s no substitute of hard work. Being entrepreneur is a path full of struggle and you cannot afford to lose hopes. You have to be a team player, remain self-motivated and keep the team’s spirit high always. The leading business magazine, SwiftNLift announced Tizola as “The Most Promising Food Related Companies 2021”, which itself speaks volume about Suresh’s success.

Suresh believes in giving back to the society that has given him all the name and fame. He has formed a social service organisation named CHANDAMAMA FOUNDATION, which will distribute refrigerators to food donation centres and would request restaurants to donate excess food into those refrigerators. So that homeless and hungry people can have their meal. They also organise ‘Do not waste food’ campaigns. Through this foundation, Suresh also distributed 4200+ meals to COVID affected people along with medicine kit directly to their homes. Oxygen concentrators and cylinders were also made available to the poor at their doorstep. We are sure these charitable works will have positive impact on Suresh’s business for sure, in form of blessings. And we wish him all the best.

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